Every company is just as healthy as its employee! If you have joined the Confido Health Plan, you are guaranteed free preventive health checks and treatments. And this is done in the best private medical establishments in Estonia under the guidance of our top doctors and specialists.

Below you can read more about all the services that Confido Health Plan includes.

Preventive health checks

Confido Healt Plan covers all medical examinations that will help you prevent diseases. For example, you will be reimbursed for the following services:

Dental care

With Confido Healt Plan, you can use the following services free of charge in a dental clinic that suits you:
  • Dental care

  • Orthodontics

  • Consultation and preparation of a treatment plan

  • Local anesthesia

  • Oral hygiene procedures

  • Outpatient surgical dentistry

  • Treatment of periodontal diseases (eg gingivitis)

  • Prosthetics and implant costs

Please note that the following are not reimbursed:

  • Prophylaxis of dental caries with sealants, dental coating with sound material, photoprotector and fluorine-containing materials
  • Cosmetic services (eg teeth whitening, dental decorations, dental coatings)
  • Oral, maxillofacial and maxillofacial surgery (except under medical supervision)

General and specialist appointments

The health solution covers all necessary family and general medical care, as well as receptions, examinations, and procedures for specialists and specialists. For example, the following services are covered:
  • All necessary medical consultations – family doctors, specialists, psychologists, and other specialists

  • Vaccination for up to 150 € per year

  • Medical certificates (eg for driver’s license but also for weapons license)

  • Remote reception (via web)

  • Occupational health service

In addition to reimbursement by a doctor, the following are also reimbursed:

  • Tests, examinations and treatments
  • Expensive diagnostic technologies (incl. Anesthesia, endoscopy, digital tomography, magnetic resonance imaging) up to 300 € per year
  • Oral, facial and maxillofacial surgery

Inpatient treatment

Inpatient treatment or hospital treatment is covered by a referral from a general practitioner. For example, the following services are covered:
  • Tonsil surgery

  • Examination and treatment of the joint cavity

  • Carpal tunnel surgery

  • Nasal septal incision

  • Analyzes, studies, procedures

  • Hospital stay

Inpatient treatment does not include:

  • Cost of maternity care
  • Presence of a relative or close person at the hospital
  • Pre - operative and post - operative care services

Outpatient rehabilitation

Ambulatory therapy is a treatment that restores work capacity and coping, which is reimbursed by referring a doctor. These include, for example, the following services:
  • Physiotherapy

  • Turning massage

  • Chiropractic

  • Gymnastics in groups or individually

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Manual therapy

Confido 400 Confido 300 Confido 200 Confido 100 Confido 700
Unlimited consultations
Advice on insurance coverage 
Occupational health control
Mednav – we find the best doctors
Outpatient treatment
Receptions, counseling
5500 € / 100% 5500 € / 100% 5500 € / 100% € 2000/80% 5500 € / 100%
€ 150/100% € 150/100% € 150/100% 150 € / 80% € 150/100%
Special diagnostics
€ 300/100% € 300/100% € 300/100% € 300/80% € 300/100%
Inpatient care
Hospital care
4000 € / 100% 4000 € / 100% € 3000/100% 2000 € / 80%
Outpatient rehabilitation € 500/100% € 400/100% $ 200/100% $ 100/80% € 700/100%
Preventive health checks € 500/100% € 400/90% $ 200/80% $ 100/80% € 700/100%
Dentistry € 500/100% € 400/90% $ 200/80% $ 100/80% € 700/100%
Optics € 300/100%
Prescription drugs € 300/100%
Total insurance coverage € 11,000 / year € 10,700 / year € 9,100 / year € 4,300 / year € 13,200 / year
  • The Confido 400 package covers medical costs of up to € 11,000 per year. For example, if you use the dental limit on one visit, you will receive the next benefit in the next insurance period.
  • A reimbursement limit of 80%, for example, means that for a € 100 bill, the patient must pay a deductible of € 20 (or 20%). A separate invoice will be sent to the patient for the deductible amount.
  • All services can be used during the 12-month insurance period of the company’s policy.
  • The health care of subsequent subscribers ends with the end of the insurance period of the company’s policy.
  • See more detailed insurance terms.

Additional options

Additional protection must be formalized before activating the basic package.

Important: Supplementary insurance protections apply only in conjunction with basic insurance protections, ie the insurance package must already be valid in order to order additional protections.

Add a Family Member

If you wish, you can also extend the Confido Health Plan to your loved ones by ordering additional protection close to you. It can ensure your children, spouse and partner, and parents. It is important to know the following:
  • A loved one’s package cannot be bigger than your own insurance package! In other words, if you have the Confido 400 package, you can also order the maximum Confido 400 package for a loved one.

  • The insurance premium for seniors from the age of 65 is 1.5 times.

  • The total number of insured relatives per company is a maximum of 50% of the insured employees.

  • The insurance of relatives is paid by the employee himself, at the same time for the annual policy.

  • The decision to insure close relatives must be made within 15 days of the commencement of the company’s policy.

Using Confido Health Plan

For all health issues, please contact or call 1330

Confido Medical Centre

Cooperation partners

  • Book an appointment by phone 1330 or
  • You don’t have to pay on the spot, we all bill conveniently for you!

Other service provider

  • Book an appointment directly with your service provider
  • Pay locally, submit payment document to insurance assistant for reimbursement

or choose the clinic or health care provider you want. We will refund you within a few days on the basis of your statement of expenditure.

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Q & A

What costs are not covered by the Health Plan?
• Cosmetic care and treatment, aesthetic surgery • Treatment of non-malignant skin tumors
Can my family doctor's writing be seen in Confido's family doctors and vice versa?
Yes, the digital information is visible to both parties.
From which insurance class does the occupational health service fall?
The occupational health service deviates from the outpatient treatment limit.
Can I turn to any private doctor in Estonia, including those who do not work at Confidos?
Yes, you can see any private doctor. But please let know about your visit well in advance, then we can guarantee that your expenses will be reimbursed and send a letter of guarantee to the selected doctor about payment.